The Indiana Association of Pregnancy Centers (IAPC) is a non-profit public benefit corporation that exists to provide a network of support for pregnancy centers within Indiana. The IAPC is the sponsoring organization for the Indiana Choose Life license plate. Revenue generated from sales of that plate are earmarked for the use of IAPC member pregnancy centers.  Pregnancy Centers provide free, compassionate, life affirming services to women and men involved in unplanned pregnancies.
When you purchase an Indiana Choose Life license plate from the BMV you will pay a $40 fee. The BMV will keep a $15 handling fee and the remaining $25 organization fee is sent to the IAPC. The IAPC distributes funds quarterly to the IAPC member pregnancy center(s) in the county where the license plate was purchased. If no member center is located in the county of purchase, the funds go into the general account to be used by the IAPC to promote plate sales and offer support to pregnancy centers around the state.